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Kyebando Vocational Training Center Turns into Vocational Training Company :: Uganda Radionetwork

The school which was founded by Catholic Sister Mary Dagan in 2005 aiming to give chance to vulnerable children who have not had the chance to pursue high school and university education has failed to acquire certain skills.

The Kyebando Vocational Center, a school intended to train the children of the Kyebando community in vocational studies, has been transformed into a vocational training centre.

The school which was founded by a Catholic nun, Sister Mary Dagan in 2005 aimed to give the chance to vulnerable children who did not have the chance to pursue high school and university education to acquire certain skills.

Kasheisha Kirabira, LC1 President Kyebando Kisalosalo said the school gives scholarships to children who have never had tuition fees and they study for free until they can get their certificates.

He adds that initially, when the school started, the community was involved and the local council was very much involved in what was happening at the school.

//Cue in: “Naye mpola mpola…..//

Cue out…..kufuna emirimu gyebweru.”//

Kirabira also adds that the school provided employment opportunities for the villagers and also helped the children to acquire vocational skills in vocational studies, which had really benefited the community.

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Warning……formal education.”//

The president also said that the school was initially under the control of the Catholic Church and was located on church grounds, but was later taken over by individuals who never got around to it. the school’s founder’s vision leading it to its decline.

Fisherman Tom John Kasenge, the leader of Christians at Kamwokya Holly Trinity Catholic Church, said the school was once owned by the Catholic Church but was later taken over by individuals who turned it into a training center for labor recruitment.

Kasenge mentioned some politicians the church is fighting with to take back the school.

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Attention …… essomero bwebatyo nebalitta.”//

Kasenge also adds that people who were church leaders who were given the responsibility of running the school by the church would later have changed the documents.

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However, when Charles Musoke Serunjogi was contacted by URN about the alleged issues, he refused to give a full answer saying the journalist can write whatever he wants and then hung up.

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Cue out …….reprt on whatever you want,”//

However, one of the teachers at the school who was only identified as Abdul told URN that the school trains girls for export labor businesses for only two weeks that the school also teaches professional studies as it was initially.

At the school gate there is a sign for the Plaii Skills and Training Center, and girls were seen inside attending classes,