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IIT Palakkad launches a challenge to boost innovations, research and development in the energy sector

IIT Palakkad’s Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF) is launching a nationwide challenge to drive innovation, research and development in the energy sector. The Oorja Grand Challenge aims to enable innovators to design and develop smart collaborative energy systems.

Students, researchers and entrepreneurs can form teams capable of leading fundamental research, product development, industry development and job creation for the Indian and global energy sectors. Contest entrants must form a team with at least one industry subject matter expertise/academic mentor. The deadline to apply is March 1 at

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The prize money could be up to Rs 1.5 lakh for design and up to Rs 10 lakh after shortlisting for prototyping after design review and up to Rs 25 lakh for incubation after review of the prototype.

Candidates can be a graduate of any Indian university and have at least five or more members in a team with experience in inventing/DIY solutions, among others, or volunteering with organizations to solve/solve problems. problems with an environmental impact. Priority would be given to applicants who are entrepreneurs with a business plan that can lead to technology/manufacturing jobs and to innovators who have energy-focused business ideas with greater technological uncertainties and/or long gestation period, leveraging technology or intellectual property from publicly funded research or academic organizations or significant potential for social impact, IIT Palakkad said.

Entries will be evaluated based on six areas: technology innovation, business model innovation, target market, customer feedback, scalability and potential, and competitor assessment and pricing.

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“The objective of this national competition is to seek technological solutions in the field of energy. These solutions must be safe to use, economical on a large scale, with high efficiency. Expected technology solutions include, but are not limited to, those for energy storage, generation, conversion and transmission/distribution,” said Dr. Albert Sunny, Director, IPTIF, and Project Manager, TIH ICS.

The main objectives of Oorja Grand Challenge are to discover and develop new innovative, viable and sustainable technological solutions for the significant energy challenges facing India, to encourage ideas from latent sources and to convert them into start-ups. -ups, to generate a better awareness of entrepreneurship. among the Indian masses and lend a hand to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through active media outreach, the institute said. It also aims to broaden the pool of potential incubatees and provide structured mentorship, guidance, prototyping grants and seed funding for innovative ideas applying to such programs.

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