Professional courses

If you want to avoid the high fees of professional courses, distance learning is the best option for you.

The world that has transformed into a global village thanks to the Internet has also completely changed the world of education. Now, instead of getting degrees, students are looking for a course after 12 which can get them a good job as soon as possible and their career can move in a better direction. As of today, many diploma and certificate courses are available after 12 which are in demand worldwide.

But liking a course and successfully joining and completing it are two different things. The biggest hurdle in front of the students in these professional courses is the high fees of the institutes, which often become difficult for the students to afford.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Rautaray, President of the world’s leading center for distance education, the World Peace Institute of United Nations (WPIUN) in India, says that if a student is to take a course leading to a diploma or certificate in a private institution in the country, then for this high fees must be paid. These institutes charge high fees of two to 2.5 lakh rupees for a course of only six months. It is difficult for everyone to afford such high fees. The best solution to this problem is the choice of distance education, through which all kinds of national and international courses can be taken at very low costs and good jobs can be obtained in the country and abroad. Many digital institutes like WPIUN offer all these courses through online distance learning at very minimal fees which are internationally recognized. The teaching method of these courses is not only modern and scientific, but also practical. This saves students time and money. Online distance education also brings an international quality to professional courses and facilitates their access for young people. Dr. Tapan Kumar Rautaray explains that under WPIUN, there are certificate and diploma courses in various fields such as business management, banking and finance, accounting, health, computer applications, journalism, corporate law and teacher education, nursing, journalism, marketing, retail and hospitality. . A wide range of are provided.

WPIUN also offers a variety of scholarships in the form of grants to encourage students. More information about this can be found at

Dr. Tapan Kumar says the goal of WPIUN is to provide an unparalleled learning experience for students. For which the institute has an esteemed faculty of teaching professionals with vast knowledge and experience in their field. The Institute’s efficient computer-based examination and virtual classroom facilities facilitate learning by bridging the gap between learners and teachers. Students have the opportunity to submit computer-based assignments, schedule computer-based exams, clarify doubts, personally attend, and follow counseling sessions. To help students, helpful study materials are provided, designed by a team of respected industry professionals.