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First Lady Inaugurates New Vocational Training Center for Army Women – FrontPageAfrica

Schiefflin, Margibi County – Liberian First Lady Clar Marie Weah on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, officially opened a new vocational training center she built for the Army Wives Association at Edward Binyah Kesselly Army Barracks in Schiefflin, Idaho. Margibi county.

Delivering a special statement at the groundbreaking ceremony, the First Lady described the newly constructed facility as a promise kept, noting that such a move was crucial in rekindling women’s hope and setting them on the right path to become productive citizens.

“Today I have come back to keep my promise,” Ms Weah said as she addressed a huge gathering including the President, His Excellency Dr George Manneh Weah, international dignitaries, government officials and a sample of women, including wives of Armed Forces of Liberia, AFL, soldiers.

“And, in fulfillment of that promise,” Mrs. Weah continued, “We desire to lift our army wives from the valley of despair to the buoyancy of new hope. ‘they are an integral part of who we are as Liberians and their support of their wives, our men-at-arms, is greatly appreciated.

The project is part of the First Lady’s Flagship Program; “She’s You” movement that aims to improve the lives of women and girls for a better and more prosperous Liberia.

Recounting the genesis of the vocational training center, Ms Weah said she made the pledge in response to the lack of space and lack of tools needed to effectively conduct the required training, as pointed out by the women during his visit to the EBK military barracks. in February 2020.

Ms Weah added that with the modern infrastructure, she wants to ensure that women’s capacity, confidence and hope are built to enable them to earn a decent living, become less vulnerable to various forms of sexual violence gender-biased and contribute significantly to national development.

“In fulfillment of this promise, we affirm that our Army wives deserve to learn the skills and education necessary to become self-sufficient and live fulfilling lives not only as wives of men-at-arms , but as Liberian women who continually serve as roots that strengthen the tree of our nation, bearing the fruits of transformation,” the First Lady said.

The Liberian First Lady, who continues to prioritize the empowerment of women and girls in addition to caring for orphans, disadvantaged youths and the elderly, among others, stressed that women play a crucial role in all sectors of society and as such deserve equal opportunities.

According to her, women are the “roots of the nation”, which had to be watered, and as such the construction of the new vocational training center would contribute to this.

Ms. Weah believes that when women, especially military wives, are equipped with the necessary skills, they will not only become economically stronger, but they will also extend their roots to others.

The cost of the state-of-the-art vocational training center along with various equipment provided including a brand new 15KVA generator, freezer, refrigerator, electric oven and chairs among others is estimated at over 125 thousand US dollars.

The First Lady added that the project marked another milestone in realizing the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development, thanking President Weah and his government for making the new vocational training center a reality.

“Yes, we recognize that there have been challenges in moving forward with the utmost speed due to external and global factors, as well as our President’s intentional steadfastness to ensure the best happens for Liberians. We are here as a promise kept.

The First Lady, however, challenged military spouses and other project beneficiaries to make the most of it.

“As First Lady, I have ventured to provide you with this facility that will help you continue to build your life positively because I want you to never accept because you are women as a reason for doing or not doing anything. To do.

“Rise now and boldly embrace what is before you, for part of my task was to keep the promise. Now part of your task is to use this facility to your greatest advantage so that your lives are empowered and changed, so will our nation Liberia.

For their part, leaders of the Army Wives Association thanked the First Lady for her kind gesture and promised to use the new facilities for their intended purpose.

Meanwhile, Pres. Weah, who was a special guest of honor at the ceremonies, cut the ribbon and turned over the facilities to the Department of Defense and then to the Army Wives Association.

The occasion brought together several ambassadors, senior government officials, including members of the National Legislature and Armed Forces of Liberia, women’s groups and residents, among others.