Vocational training

Empowering Ghana’s youth through vocational training

It was the strong desire to contribute to the development and empowerment of young people that inspired Nana Akua Afriyie Boadu to return to Ghana.

After 25 years abroad, the Ghanaian-born Canadian has returned home to pursue her lifelong dream of giving back to her homeland.

Nana Akua spent her formative years in Ghana, but life took an interesting turn when her family moved to Canada when she was 12 years old. She considered herself lucky to emigrate to a country with an advanced economy, but life in Canada sparked a passion to return home and contribute to the development of Ghana.

Its exposure to the Western world reaffirmed the value of education in the development of society. She identified the need for an alternative to higher education that enhances the capacities and skills of Ghanaian youth.

The 3FE Training Institute was established in 2021 because of its passion to equip tomorrow’s entrepreneurs with skills and to provide an alternative to higher education that otherwise might not be accessible to everyone.

The Institute currently has 10 fully qualified lecturers and offers courses in fashion, cosmetology, hairdressing, nails and makeup. The eight on-campus dormitories that house the students will soon be expanded in and around Kronum Kwapra in Kumasi where it is located. With an accreditation from the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), Nana Akua hopes to expand the Institute’s campuses to other regions in the near future.

What makes the school unique are the qualified tutors who have acquired all the necessary certifications and the high quality equipment used to deliver the lessons.

In addition, the Institute plans to award the best graduate students with immediate employment within the institution and other sister societies in their field. The 3FE Institute also has a very flexible registration and installment payment system that makes the institute accessible to all categories of people.

Nana Akua believes that various governments in the past have contributed to improving the discourse around vocational training, but the negative bias can only be eliminated with continuous training and the support of public and private entities.

As an entrepreneur of a young start-up company, she has had her fair share of challenges, but the vision for the future gives her the strength to meet any challenge. She encourages all entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of advancing Ghana’s development.

Over the next five years, Nana Akua hopes that 3FE Institute will be the go-to professional and technical institute in Ghana with branches in other regions, empowering thousands of future entrepreneurs.

The support of her family and her upbringing shaped her values ​​and inspired her to become the woman she is today.